Fri 10 Jul 2020 13:31

Just to let you guys all know what’s happening at the club during theses strange old times:

Sniper (our groundsman) has managed to get working on the pitches much earlier than normal.

Nick HB, one of the 1st XV players has been a godly legend and given us 60 ton of sports grade sand! Massive thank you Nick ?

5 huge bags of grass seed have been spread

All pitches have been ‘verti-drained’ and the sand brushed into the holes to help break up the clay and improve drainage.

Our wettest areas have been mole drained and the grass now has the extra 2 months of growing, thickening and recovering for us for next season.

Massive thanks to Sniper for giving us such a fantastic playing surface. A lot of hard work is done to keep us playing both during and after the season.

Please do not be tempted to go up to the club and kick over posts or do any form of training on the pitches please. We need to stay off the pitches until August to allow all the good work to take effect.

Thanks again guys.